Angel Asylum World Premiere – September 30th 2011

Angel Asylum Main Title


Inside the nation’s most horrifyingly corrupt institution, truth and hope are brought to light.


September 30th – October 29th, 8pm

The Sherry Theater
11052 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Wolfgang Bodison – Medical Director Dr. Henry White
Harmony Smith – Nurse Debra Langston
Scott Haze – C Grin
Katie Ryan – Kora
Lukas Behnken – Louie
Brian Lally – Psychiatrist Shem Klein
Jim Freivogel – Dre
Ric Maddox – Buck
Dalton Leeb – News Reporter Douglas McKenzie
Mario Degasperi – Pharmaceutical Rep. Pocker Hull
Karim Mahmud – Chicago
Danielle Scheid – Diamond
Lloyd Culberson – Lafe
Sean Crampton – Restrepo
Matt Militano – Nurse Ham
Miguel Rios – Nurse Luis
Jules Fairley – Lips
Nathaniel Staton – Lester
Roderick Buycks – Rockwell
Pamela Immel – Mary
Phil Ciano – Rico

1 thought on “Angel Asylum World Premiere – September 30th 2011

  1. Jim Chafitz

    As a person working in the pharmaceutical industry, I was intrigued when I first heard about the premise of “Angel Asylum”. After attending the opening nights, I was shocked at an accurate portrayal of the industry and the mental health institution as reflected from a dark mirror.
    What individuals and companies will pursue in order to get a drug product to market, regardless of-or worse, concealing the side effects was chilling. To use mentally ill patients ( or in some cases, not ill at all), was particularly chilling.

    Scientific accuracy was top-notch in regards to terminology and methods used. The use of alternating lighting throughout the play added suspense and a sense of foreboding, while outbursts from the patients at times made me jump out of my seat. The use of original cinematography at key parts of the play added to the drama.

    Kudos to the cast for outstanding performances, with special nods to Wolfgang Bodison as the Medical Director who betrays his Hippocratic Oath in pursuit of economic gain; Ric Maddox, Jim Frevogel, and Dalton Leeb for providing the proper balance of comic relief against the gravity of the subject matter; Harmony Smith as the nurse with a conscience that acts as the heart of the play; and Scott Haze, who embodies the soul of “Angel Asylum”. In addition to being a member of the cast, Mr. Haze is the writer and director of this play, and by watching his powerful performance, especially in the second act, one can see he poured his soul into the script.

    When the lights came on and the cast received a standing ovation to a sold out audience, I felt emotionally drained-the play was that powerful, and moved me in a way I had not anticipated.

    “Angel Asylum” is a story I will not forget any time soon, and anyone living in the area of the Sherry Theater should see it while they can, this month.

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